Address of the Chairman

chairman of board

From the moment of Huaye’s establish,it firmly believes the survival way of the fittest in natural selection, bases each step of its growth on a continuous challenging and surpassing. Constantly striving to become stronger and bravely trying to be the first for carrying out the innovation. Huaye takes the invigoration of China Packaging Industry as its own duty, closely combines the faith of enterprise with pursuit of its employees, persistently adheres to carrying forward the enterprise spirit of unity,innovation, struggle and contribution, brings up an enterprise culture of combining harmoniously the enterprise with its employees and showing the blood relation cares to each other and sets up a social image of implementing the innovation, going all out to make our country stronger and repaying our motherland with its wonderful services.

In Huaye, each and every employee has a sense of responsibility and mission of being prosperous and happy together with the enterprise, co-existing and growing luxuriantly with the China Packaging Industry. Our ultimate aim is to integrate the shareholder’s interest, employees’value, customers’satisfaction and social benefits.

In the open circumstances of the globalized economy, Huaye, with its well prepared energy, will as usual keep carrying out its innovation and go all out to achieve an even greater breakthrough and overstep in respect of market expansion, brand popularization, capital operations and cultural sublimation.

I have the great honor to express our thanks and make a compliment to the people of all circles who have already given their helps and always attend to the growth of Huaye, on behalf of the whole stuff members and workers of Huaye. Huaye always feels confident and is greatly powered by your kind support to keep going ahead. We, Huaye wish to go along hand in hand with you to create a splendid future.